Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The Voice of the Rakyat

The people of Brunei Darussalam's had spoke out at the coffee shops, restaurants and café, where they suggested the Brunei Government should revised the laws and regulations to suit the needs of the rakyat in this country, the amendments of laws and regulations are much needed now being a Melayu Islam Beraja which is Independence Sovereignty and Democratic nation.

There should be provisions in the state's laws to sue the government as one way to uphold the interests and to protect the right of the rakyat, it is now the time for a review of the state's current laws with intent to amend them in line with the national needs, if we want to further improve the government administration system as well as provide confidence to the rakyat and foreign investors to protect their interests.

The members of Legislative Council whom were considered as the rakyat representatives in the legislative body of this country should looked at the rakyat suggestion seriously for the reviewing, revising and amending the current laws and regulations, for the rakyat to be able to take legal actions against the government if they felt they had been subjected to unfairness and injustices.

The population should not take opportunities in being able to sue the government just because of misunderstandings between the two parties. However such a change in the laws should be viewed positively which would benefit the rakyat, government and the nation in this era of globalisation, electronic economy and trade liberalization.

The rakyat also hoped for a total review that would also include the syarie laws and emergency laws should there be any shortcomings so that all members of the population should be duly protected and not one-sided.


Haji Mohd Hatta Bin Hj Zainal Abidin

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