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July 13, 2009, the day where most of the rakyat remembered and overwhelming public support over His Majesty the Sultan and Yang DiPertuan of Brunei Darussalam’s titah criticizing the rationale and purpose behind the campaigning for cash and donations for royal birthday celebration.

His Majesty voiced his disappointment and disapproval of relying on private cash donations for such event and called it wastage as well as a burden to the society.

Alhamdulillah, it was understood, this years the government through the Celebration’s Committees (from National level to Districts level) were allocated sufficient budget for the big event, there were no such news coverage and publicity on the ceremonies attend by the ministers or high ranking government official were held in the forefront to receive the donations.

In the past years the Belait District’s celebration committees, made an attempt by campaigning and lobbying for the public donations was not an optional, but it became compulsory. The some sub-committees were asked and requested to find their own sponsors for their sub committee event.

Every times (perhaps ever years) when the celebration were over, the Belait District celebration committees will always faced with the debts and unpaid bills as well as long outstanding and overdue bills against the small vendors. (however the favorable vendors always get they payments in time soon after the celebration).

It sad to learn that up to-date, an attempt by the some small vendors to meet the officer(s) of the Belait District for the Sultan Birthday celebration committees for the outstanding payments as well as to request the settlement the long overdue invoices was not entertained.

When these matters was brought up during the Hari Raya Adilfitri celebration and open house, it was understood that and according to the pervious Chairman of the Belait District for the Sultan Birthday celebration committees had confirmed that, some of the outstanding payments for the small vendors had been approved for payments by the committees.

According to some of the small vendors, that they was not been advised and informed by the celebtation committees to collect the payments, but some of them had asked the officer of the Belait District regarding the approved payments (as mentioned above) and yet the answered their had received from the said officer that he is still waiting for the payment approval from the National Level of the Sultan Birthday celebration committees in Bandar Seri Begawan.

The question is now….why make it so hard for the small vendors to claim they payments from the Sultan Birthday celebration committees? As His Majesty’s had voiced and expresses his concern that he did not wish or want to see wasteful or bring hardship to the rakyat.

Perhaps, the Anti-Corruption Bureau should investigate this matters in order the good name of the Sultan Birthday Celebration committees will not be smeared by the dishonest official.


By: Dr Hj Mohd Hatta Bin Hj Zainal Abidin


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