Monday, February 13, 2012


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In order to build a strong team, choosing the best and right people is necessary but not a sufficient condition. The best and right people have to be placed in their proper positions so that they are able to do what they are best in doing. This approach can definitely maximize the returns of a company or the output of an organization

Placing the best people in the wrong places and jobs reduces the integrity of the organization and its leadership. The consequence of this problem will be the eventual deterioration of the conditions of the organization which will lead to its collapse due to lack of cooperation and team sprit among the members/staffs/officers.

Islam stresses that the leader should show a good example so that it is easier for his subordinates to follow. Giving direction or orders alone do not necessarily produce results. It will produce negative repercussion if does not do what he is supposed to do. His subordinate will behave in the same manner when he is assigned a certain task as part of a team.

Nobody will dispute that a good leadership is a major contributor to the success of any organization.

BUT wrong appointment can lead to a disaster for the organization and also the public at large.

“ public interest supercede s private interest”

There were some of the company(ies) or organisation(s) just for sake of being a Bruneian and Muslim and yet never put their words in their mouth.

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