Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Flash Back....
PPKB welcomes National Day titah 

By M K Anwar

President of the Brunei Solidarity National Party (PPKB), Dr Hj Mohd Hatta bin Hj Zainal Abidin, welcomed the recent National Day titah by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam.

His Majesty during the National Day titah said that education is as important as propagation for the country to develop and progress.

"In this respect, education and propagation play a crucial role. The education and propagation machinery should not be weak and the general needs of education should not exceed religious needs," the monarch said.

In a statement to the Borneo Bulletin, Dr Hj Mohd Hatta said the titah showed the sincerity, care and hopes of His Majesty as the nation's leader who wants to see the people of Brunei Darussalam exhibit maturity in being a sovereign nation.

"For PPKB, the titah presented an honest message to all the people of Brunei Darussalam that they have also been given a role in providing logical views and ideas on how to improve the government machinery especially in the field of development and administration," Dr Hj Mohd Hatta said.

The statement also noted the role of the re-established Legislative Council as a platform for the formal involvement of the people in providing and disseminating their ideas. It also reveals the sincerity of His Majesty on the concept of MIB and democracy.

PPKB further added that the Bruneian style democracy that strengthens all aspect and fields of propagation and education will help in uplifting the values of the nation's self-reliance.

PPKB also took the opportunity to express its best wishes to all the people of Brunei Darussalam on the 21st National Day Anniversary. - Borneo Bulletin



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