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Call on US to condemn Israel

Courtesy The Borneo Bulletin

April, 17 2002
By Rosli Abidin Yahya


Hj Mohd Hatta (left) about to hand over the letter to a representative of the US Embassy accompanied by Hj Mohd Zaide at the US Embassy in Brunei Darussalam.

Bandar Seri Begawan – A Brunei political party, Parti Perpaduan Kebangsaan Brunei (PPKB) has joined Muslims worldwide in calling on Israel to end their offensive on Palestinian people and withdraw from Palestinian cities and towns "without delay".

The party sent its petition letter yesterday afternoon through its president, Hj Mohd Hatta bin Hj Zainal Abidin to the United States Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam, Ms Sylvia G Stanfield. Awg Hj Mohd Hatta was accompanied by the Vice President of Parti Kesedaran Rakyat (PAKAR) another political party, Awg Hj Mohd Zaide bin Hj Damit who said his party was solidly behind PPKB in the issue.

A representative of the US Embassy in Brunei Darussalam accepted the petition as the ambassador was busy attending meetings with US officials from Washington on matters regarding the Asean Summit.

Hj Mohd Hatta said he is representing the party members and the Brunei population as a whole in urging the United States' Government to publicly declare that the Israeli Government's occupation of the sovereign state of Palestine is illegal, and contravenes the many resolutions that had been passed by the United Nations.

He said US must exercise its influence and power to stop once and for all the atrocities the Israeli Government has continuously committed on the innocent people of Palestine.

"PPKB hopes US will declare to the world that the Israeli Government, by virtue of its past and present act, is a terrorist state which deserves to be punished by the world's highest court.
"US must admit the fact that deliberate killings and atrocities of innocent civilians in the state of Palestine are currently being committed by the Government of Israel, and as such (the US Government should) lead the world in condemning the Government of Israel for her unforgivable act," he said.

He said US must stop, once and for all, the practicing of double standards in handling issues of this nature by condemning any states, which has committed crimes against humanity, regardless of its influence and power with the US.

The United States Government, in so far as the Israel Government and the Israelis are concerned, has been protective and defensive, he said."The Parti Perpaduan Kebangsaan Brunei seeks Your Excellency's attention to our concern and wish a copy of this petition be sent to the President of the United States," he said.


Dr Haji Mohd Hatta Bin Hj Zainal Abidin PSB, PJP.

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